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Shoes Tell Stories

WÄLADO shoes are playful, joyful and brightly colored.  Each design of the shoes tell a specific story, and they can fire children’s imagination.  The uniqueness of the WÄLADO shoes also allows people to be expressive, build confidence, and stand out from the crown. It will provide those who wear them to be unique.
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Limited Edition

Italia was inspired by my journey through Italy. 


The design on the right shoe was based on my first visit to Florence. The color orange reflects the spirit of Florence.  Time has not destroyed the beauty of her streets, bridges, rivers, and Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower.  Dressed in orange, Florence is vibrant, flourishing and totally captivating to all who sees her.

The design on the left shoe was inspired by a long walk through Venice, an ancient city surrounded by an enigmatic blue ocean.  To me, blue represents the heart of Venice with her magnificent masks, masquerades and carnivals, and her breathtaking gondolas, bridges, and Saint Mark's Basilica.

If you turn Italia around, you will see a pair of hands on the back heels of the shoes.  The near-touching hands were taken from the fresco painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Through this gentle gesture in Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, God reveals his love for mankind.

The golden-door inlaid on top of the box in which Italia comes in represents the Gates of Paradise at the Baptistery of Saint John.  To me, Italy was a golden country.  The color captivated me everywhere I went, from cathedrals to museums and galleries.  It is so symbolic of the golden age of the Italian Renaissance: a time of glory, success, wealth and great craftsmanship.

This pair of shoes, Italia, is a continuation of my Migration series.  I hope you experience each step in these shoes as I have through my travels. 


For business inquiries, please contact: hi@walado.com

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