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设计故事/概念 Design Story/Concept:




It is a story about the prominent Mexican artist couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Diego had bought Frida countless joys as well as pains into her life.  The design is symbolic and metaphorical, and it is my interpretation of their complex relationships.  The shoes look beautiful and harmonious at first glance; but there are scars and conflicts shown in the details, just like their relationships.



Helen Yau是一位插画师和设计师。她以荣誉学士毕业于加拿大Sheridan大学的插画系。Helen的作品曾被不同機構報導過, 包括BBC (英國廣播電視台)、 瑞典時裝協會、英國的Branding & Design雜誌和法國電視台TV France Japon等。


Helen Yau is an illustrator and designer.  She received her illustration degree with honors from Sheridan College in ON, Canada.  Helen’s works have been recognized internationally and featured by various organizations, including the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), Swedish Fashion Council, Branding & Design (UK), and TV France Japon.

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